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320Hp Shantui Dozer Hydraulic System Angle Blade Single Ripper Optional

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320Hp Shantui Dozer Hydraulic System Angle Blade Single Ripper Optional

चीन 320Hp Shantui Dozer Hydraulic System Angle Blade Single Ripper Optional आपूर्तिकर्ता

बड़ी छवि :  320Hp Shantui Dozer Hydraulic System Angle Blade Single Ripper Optional

उत्पाद विवरण:

Place of Origin: CHINA
ब्रांड नाम: SINOMTP
प्रमाणन: ISO, CCC, BV
Model Number: SD32

भुगतान & नौवहन नियमों:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 UNIT
मूल्य: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Nude
Delivery Time: 35 working days
Supply Ability: 100 units per month
विस्तृत उत्पाद विवरण
Operating weight (Ripper not included): 37.2T Engine: Cummins NT855-C360S10
Engine power: 235kw L×W×H (Ripper not included): 6880×4130×3725mm
Ripping depth of ripper: Single ripper 1250mm /Three-shank ripper 842mm Lifting height of ripper: Single ripper955mm / Three-shank ripper 883mm
हाई लाइट:

shantui construction machinery


heavy equipment bulldozer

320Hp Shantui Dozer Hydraulic System Angle Blade Single Ripper Optional




ITEM SD32 Engine Cummins NT855-C360S10
L×W×H (Ripper not included) 6880×4130×3725mm Ripping depth of ripper Single ripper 1250mm
Operating weight (Ripper not included) 37.2t Three-shank ripper 842mm
Rated power



Lifting height of ripper Single ripper955mm/Three-shank ripper 883mm
Gradeability 30° Number of carriers (each side) 2
Blade type

Straight tilt blade Semi-U-blade

Angle blade

Number of track rollers (each side) 7
Blade width Straight tilt blade 4130×1590mm Number of track shoes (each side) 41
Semi-U blade 4030×1720mm Width of track shoe 560mm
----- Track gauge 2140mm
Angle blade 5000×1140mm Ground length and ground pressure 3150-0.105mm/MPa
Dozing capacity Straight tilt blade 10m3 Pitch 228.6mm
Semi-U blade 11.9m3 Forward speed 0–3.6km/h
--- 0–6.6km/h
Angle blade 6m3 0–11.5km/h
Ma× drop below ground of blade 560 mm Reverse speed 0–4.4km/h
Lift height of blade 1560 mm 0–7.8km/h
Ripper type Three-shank ripper 0–13.5km/h



In response to the demands of severe working conditions in earthwork projects, SD32 crawler bulldozer is a high power bulldozer under standardized mass production with the application of domestic leading production processes and technologies.



1. Cummins NTAA855-C360S10 engine is equipped with exhaust gas turbocharger, featuring strong power and high efficiency and energy-saving, and can work normally even in the highlands as high as 3,600m. Depending on the customers’ demands, the option Cummins and Weichai engines are available.

2. The high reliability power shift transmission, the stable hydraulic torque converter, and two-stage spur gear final drive feature high power transmission capacity and efficiency and high productivity.

3. The independent engine water tank, the chassis oil cooler, and the water-air intercooler integrated in the Cummins engine provide prominent cooling performance and simple maintenance operations to guarantee the continuous working of the machine.

4. The full box-type main frame with application of high performance materials and high strength castings features high carrying capacity against impact load and bending moment to support the continuous high-strength working of machine under severe working condition and the high quality welds guarantee the life cycle of the main frame.

5. The low-drive final drive can provide powerful drive force and efficient gradeability. Shantui's crawler chassis has reached the international advanced level in process level and can adapt to various complicated working conditions, featuring high reliability and carrying capacity.

6. The standard straight tilting blade features powerful cutting force and the single-shank and three-shank rippers of adjustable penetrating angle can be used for the ripping of clay and frozen earth as well as the stripping of hard working faces, such as gravel and hardened salt mine.




Earth moving projects, bulldozing, digging, landfill, and other bulk operations.

320Hp Shantui Dozer Hydraulic System Angle Blade Single Ripper Optional

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Shandong Sinomtp Construction Equipment Company Limited

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